Words: Chicago, USA

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Sholeh Loehle ©

The graffiti on the side of the train did not detract from its beauty,
or the beauty of the train crossing the river as I watched from the
boat. Words can become art.

“Take heed to carefully consider the words of every soul, then hold
fast to the proofs which attest the truth. If ye fail to discover
truth in a person’s words, make them not the object of contention,
inasmuch as ye have been forbidden in the Bayán to enter into idle
disputation and controversy, that perchance on the Day of Resurrection
ye may not engage in argumentation, and dispute with Him Whom God
shall make manifest.” -The Báb

Sholeh is a founder and Photography Editor of Nineteen Months and takes photos with a Sony A6000. As a child, she was a master fort builder and mud pie baker. Now she reads books, cooks, and organizes everything. You’ve probably met her at a conference somewhere. She is a certified meeting planner. She lives in Chicago with her husband, works as an event manager, and blogs.


  1. Chad

    15 July, 2011 at 11:37 am

    Love that quote. Well chosen.

  2. Sholeh

    16 July, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    Thanks, I hadn’t seen it before I was looking for a quote for this photo.