Mercy: Vancouver, Canada

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Wrinkled hands

Shahriar Erfanian ©

Be signs of guidance; lights of piety; severed from the world, holding fast to the firm rope; spreaders of the spirit of life; abiders in the ark of safety; manifestations of mercy; dawning-stars of the mysteries of existence; points of revelation; day-springs of light; strengthened by the Holy Spirit; attracted toward God; sanctified from all things and from the (natural) qualities of people, and characterized with the attributes of the angels of heaven – so ye may attain to the greatest gift in this great century and new age.”

Shahriar says, “Photography is my passion, love sports, traveling is my favorite thing, can’t live without music, and I always enjoy a good movie.” He can be found at 41 Stories Photography.

1 Comment

  1. Bobby Aazami

    27 June, 2011 at 1:41 am

    Nice work, Shahriar!