Call for Submissions: Vahid, Issue 2

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We’d like to send out a warm thank you to everyone who supported Vahid, the new literary magazine. If you missed it, you can find out more and download a copy here.

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be compiling a second issue—and we’re currently accepting submissions. We welcome writers, photographers, and artists to collaborate. The deadline for submissions is January 1, 2016.

Below are the submission guidelines for Vahid, Issue 2, to be published next Naw-Rúz, March 2016. (If you are interested in contributing photographs or articles for Nineteen Months, please inquire under separate cover.)

All submissions should be sent to to, with the subject line “Vahid” and the submission type (fiction, poetry, photographs, etc.).

Vahid magazine submissions

Submissions Guidelines

The theme of Issue 2 is “Growth & Decay.” We will give priority to works related to this topic.

We prefer authentic, honest work that indirectly touches on the spiritual nature of humanity. We’re interested in written works that embrace a wide readership, have a unique voice, and transcend genre. Please see our past issue before submitting.

We will consider previously published written work; please indicate on your submission where the piece was originally published.

Our small team of volunteers will do our best to reply to all submissions in a timely manner.

Fiction/Creative non-fiction

We accept short fiction and creative non-fiction up to 1,500 words in length. You may submit a portion of a novel or longer work, provided the cutting can be read and understood on its own without exposition. Please send 1 to 2 fiction or creative non-fiction pieces at a time.


We like poems of any length. We will consider free verse or traditional forms. Please send 1 to 5 poems at a time.


We are looking for photographs of any style to include in this issue. Preference will be given to photographs that showcase the theme of the issue, but we will also consider landscapes and portraits in either black and white or color. Please submit 1 to 5 high-resolution photographs at a time. Include titles of works where applicable.

If you would like us to consider a series of photographs, please send us a query email before submitting.

Visual Arts

We accept other visual arts as well, primarily paintings or illustrations. Please submit 1 to 5 high-resolution images at a time. Include titles of works where applicable.

If you would like us to consider a series of works, please send us a query email before submitting.


Entertain us with your short plays or comics! For page limits and other details, please send a query email before submitting.


Thanks to everyone who submitted and downloaded Vahid. And thanks to everyone who is considering submitting to Issue 2. We can’t wait.

Edit: Issue 2 is now available here. Submissions for Issue 3 are now open. Read the submission guidelines here.

The editors at Nineteen Month strive to bring you a little art and inspiration every Baha’i month.


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  2. Grace E. Reed

    22 May, 2015 at 11:06 pm

    I look forward to submitting my work to your magazine. Glad I found you.