Questions (Masa’il) 2013

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Kratochvil, Czech Republic

Kat Eghdamian ©

“…I created thee, have engraved on thee Mine image and revealed to thee My beauty.”
– Baha’u’llah

Victoria, Canada

Dean Kalyan ©


“This spirit of faith is the flame of reality, the life of humanity and the cause of eternal illumination. It inspires man to attain the virtues and perfections of the divine world.”
-Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy

Chicago, USA

I wish I could explore the universe, or at least our solar system…

Sholeh Samadani Munion ©

“For in this universe of God, which appears in the most complete perfection, beauty and grandeur, the luminous stars of the material universe are innumerable! Then we must reflect how limitless and infinite are the spiritual worlds, which are the essential foundation.”

Adelaide, Australia

Chad Mauger ©

Light at the end of a tunnel. Sometimes I catch a glimpse and I wonder: what lies beyond?

“There is … a faculty in man which unfolds to his vision the secrets of existence. It gives him a power whereby he may investigate the reality of every object. It leads man on and on to the luminous station of divine sublimity and frees him from all the fetters of self, causing him to ascend to the pure heaven of sanctity. This is the power of the mind, for the soul is not, of itself, capable of unrolling the mysteries of phenomena; but the mind can accomplish this and therefore it is a power superior to the soul.”
—‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Divine Philosophy

Fargo, USA

Lindsey Lugsch-Tehle ©

“It is an axiomatic fact that while you meditate you are speaking with your own spirit. In that state of mind you put certain questions to your spirit and the spirit answers: the light breaks forth and the reality is revealed.”