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Lauren Herrmann ©

 One must, then, read the book of his own self, rather than some
treatise on rhetoric…
The story is told of a mystic knower, who went on a journey with a
learned grammarian as his companion. They came to the shore of the Sea
of Grandeur. The knower straightway flung himself into the waves, but
the grammarian stood lost in his reasonings, which were as words that
are written on water. The knower called out to him, “Why dost thou not
follow?” The grammarian answered, “O Brother, I dare not advance. I
must needs go back again.” Then the knower cried, “Forget what thou
didst read in the books of Síbávayh and Qawlavayh, of Ibn-i-Hajíb and
Ibn-i-Málik, and cross the water.”

—Baha’u’llah, from The Seven Valleys, pgs 51-52

Lauren does a lot of things. One of them is taking pictures. Another is baking scones. Yet another is spinning large spheres of fire at the ends of two chains. The only one of these she went to school for, however, was photography. She is currently the Visual Director at Lethal Poetry, an Art Editor for Muzzle Magazine, and most recently, a photographer for Loud Loop Press. Find more of her work on Flickr .