Power: Volgograd, Russia

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Woman watching Wildfire

Elyor Nematov ©

Wildfire. Volgograd(Russia).

“That day will the Cause spread like wildfire when its spirit and teachings are presented on the stage or in art and literature as a whole. Art can better awaken such noble sentiments than cold rationalizing, especially among the mass of the people.

Written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, dated May, 1933

Elyor began photography whilst studying to be a graphic artist at the Artisant College in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. His first camera was a Zenit. Elyor has since won and participated in many photo-documentary exhibitions and projects in Central Asia and Russia. Some of his work include his first personal photo exhibition ‘The Children of Bukhara. We Are Flowers of One Garden’ in Tashkent,”as well as magazine commissions like: ‘The Chief”and ‘Horses Racetrack.’