Power: Concord, USA

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Autumn Concord, Massachusetts

Leili Towfigh ©

Walking in early fall, deserted field, Concord, MA, US.

“O Son of Spirit! I created thee rich, why dost thou bring thyself down to poverty? Noble I made thee, wherewith dost thou abase thyself? Out of the essence of knowledge I gave thee being, why seekest thou enlightenment from anyone beside Me? Out of the clay of love I molded thee, how dost thou busy thyself, with another? Turn thy sight unto thyself, that thou mayest find Me standing within thee, mighty, powerful and self-subsisting.” From The Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh, Arabic, #13.

Leili is an educational technologist who also works as a photographer,painter, ceramic artist and writer. She has had opportunities to take photographs on five continents.

She blogs at Beyond the Picture.


  1. Dena

    3 November, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Beautiful! (This is one of my favorite Hidden Words….simply perfect)

  2. Leili

    5 November, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Thank you so much, Dena! I could read this Hidden Word every day, many times a day, and it would still not be enough.