Happy Naw-Ruz: A Year of Change

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Happy Naw-Ruz! Warmest wishes this new year and a great 171 B.E. to all!

Nineteen Months was born when two editors and a handful of photographers from around the world decided to collaborate across borders. Inspired by the annual month-long project Nineteen Days, we’ve reflected on the Baha’i year through an artistic lens. Our first post was on Naw-Ruz 2010 (167 B.E.)—who knew that four years later we’d have grown and changed in so many ways! To all the readers and contributors who’ve traveled with us, thank you—and a warm welcome to all our new readers.

This Naw-Ruz, Nineteen Months announces a change in its editorial team. Caitlin Castelaz is joining as the Writing Editor, while co-founder Sholeh Munion remains on board as the Photo Editor. Our other co-founder, and former editor, Ronnie Bindra, will continue to support the site as a photographer.

In the coming year, you can continue to expect more inspiring photography from our international team of collaborators and quotes for contemplation. But we know living a Baha’i life isn’t just about reflection—we have to act, too! That’s why our writers will share practical ideas on issues Baha’is confront throughout the year—from fasting tips to taming your inner Facebook stalker.

We hope that you’ll join us as we continue to explore how art and the writings can inspire our souls, even while we navigate our own path with practical feet.

There’s no time like the new year for looking ahead to where we’re going and honoring where we’ve come from. Here’s a glimpse of the work our photographers have shared throughout the years. You can find even more photography here.

Thanks for reading! We appreciate all the feedback and support you’ve given us throughout the years and can’t wait to hear what you think of our new changes. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest. Happy Naw-Ruz!

Water dropping into a glass

Month of Splendour 2010 – Ronnie Bindra ©

Naw Ruz Haft Sin Table

Month of Splendour 2011 – Bobby Aazami ©

Los Angeles Orange Sky and Palms

Month of Splendour, 2012 – Golriz Lucina Gundry ©

Stormy Ocean in Zanzibar

Month of Splendour 2013 – Ramin Hossaini ©

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