Names: London, England

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Boy on BMX bike

Alisa Mappes ©

The biker is fearless, steadfast, trusting, and not dwelling on the separation of ‘names.’ No room for analysis here, no way! Nothing but heart. :-)

“We found you, as We found most men, worshipping names which they mention during the days of their life, and with which they occupy themselves. No sooner do the Bearers of these names appear, however, than they repudiate them, and turn upon their heels. Thus have We found you, and thus have We reckoned up your actions and borne witness to all your doings in this day. Know ye that God will not, in this day, accept your thoughts, nor your remembrance of Him, nor your turning towards Him, nor your devotions, nor your vigilance, unless ye be made new in the estimation of this Servant, could ye but perceive it.”

Alisa lives in Taiwan with her husband Joe. She considers herself extremely lucky to teach children of diverse backgrounds in a European bilingual school in Taipei. When she’s not running after a tiny tot, she’s snapping away on her Canon Rebel and thinking about the needs of an ever advancing society!

1 Comment

  1. ramez

    31 August, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    urban. nice!