Mercy: Taipei City, Taiwan

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© Alisa Mappes

During a Ruhi Study Circle  in Taipei, Taiwan, we learn that teaching requires drawing on the mercy of God while being detached from results. But it’s still a learning process. From the photo, the question in its entirety from Book 2 – Arising To Serve: “Undoubtedly, the things you enjoy doing are beneficial to you and to others. Does the joy you derive from them come only from the results they bring, or also from the act of doing them? “

“When you call on the Mercy of God waiting to reinforce you, your strength will be tenfold.”

—Abdu’l Baha, Paris Talks.


Alisa lives in Taiwan with her husband Joe. She considers herself extremely lucky to teach children of diverse backgrounds in a European bilingual school in Taipei. When she’s not running after a tiny tot, she’s snapping away on her Canon Rebel and thinking about the needs of an ever advancing society!