Light: Boston, USA

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Driftwood in Plum Island, North of Cape Ann in Massachusetts

Leili Towfigh ©

We went walking on Plum Island, North of Cape Ann in Massachusetts. As soon as we arrived on the beach, a tremendous, strange fog curled over us. We couldn’t see people 10 feet in front of us, but it was sunny nonetheless. The sun illuminated the fog so that everything glowed. Then, as fast as it appeared, it vanished. You can see the last vestiges of it rising from the edge of the water.

“Make ready thy soul that thou mayest be like the light which shineth forth from the loftiest heights on the coast, by means of which guidance may be given to the timid ships amid the darkness or fog and the heaving of the sea.”(‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Tablets of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Abbás, p. 278)

Leili is an educational technologist who also works as a photographer,painter, ceramic artist and writer. She has had opportunities to take photographs on five continents.

She blogs at Beyond the Picture.