Power: Haifa, Israel

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Shrine of the Bab cleaning

Chad Mauger ©

The Shrine of the Bab, covered by a shroud while restoration work is in progress.

“Protect me, O my Lord, from every evil that Thine omniscience perceiveth, inasmuch as there is no power nor strength but in Thee, no triumph is forthcoming save from Thy presence, and it is Thine alone to command. Whatever God hath willed hath been, and that which He hath not willed shall not be. There is no power nor strength except in God, the Most Exalted, the Most Mighty.”

– The Bab (Baha’i Prayers, 2002 Edition, p. 150)

Chad was initiated into the world of digital SLRs in 2007 and he continues to be amazed by the photographic opportunities that are presented to him.

He loves sharp lenses, time-lapse videos, and exercising his powers of observation. His portfolio is here and his Flickr page is here.