Grandeur: Monterey, USA

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Sholeh Loehle ©

 The aquarium in Monterey, California is a photographer’s dream. Good lighting, clean glass…I took a lot of photos.

“I IMPLORE Thee by the splendour of the light of Thy glorious face, the majesty of Thine ancient grandeur and the power of Thy transcendent sovereignty to ordain for us at this moment every measure of that which is good and seemly and to destine for us every portion of the outpourings of Thy grace. For granting of gifts doth not cause Thee loss, nor doth the bestowing of favours diminish Thy wealth.

Glorified art Thou, O Lord! Verily I am poor while in truth Thou art rich; verily I am lowly while in truth Thou art mighty; verily I am impotent while in truth Thou art powerful; verily I am abased while in truth Thou art the most exalted; verily I am distressed while in truth Thou art the Lord of might.” -The Bab

Sholeh is a founder and Photography Editor of Nineteen Months and takes photos with a Sony A6000. As a child, she was a master fort builder and mud pie baker. Now she reads books, cooks, and organizes everything. You’ve probably met her at a conference somewhere. She is a certified meeting planner. She lives in Chicago with her husband, works as an event manager, and blogs.