Dominion: Boston, USA

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Blizzard in Boston

Leili Towfigh ©

This photo is not so much abstract/artsy as it is an image of our region’s reality this month: snow. Lots of snow. Every few days, snow. Nowhere to put it at this point.

“That primal Fire hath in this Day appeared with a new radiance and with immeasurable heat. This divine Fire burneth of itself, with neither fuel nor fume, that it might draw away such excess moisture and cold as are the cause of torpor and weariness, of lethargy and despondency, and lead the entire creation to the court of the presence of the All-Merciful.” –Bahá’u’lláh, Tabernacle of Unity, p. 72.

Leili is an educational technologist who also works as a photographer,painter, ceramic artist and writer. She has had opportunities to take photographs on five continents.

She blogs at Beyond the Picture.