Beauty: London, England

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Sarah Hosney ©

 Orchid is one of the amazing flowers i have ever seen. It attracts you in a way that you could not resist, like anything around us. But yet, we have to remember this Quote :
” O FRIENDS!  Abandon not the everlasting beauty for a beauty that must die, and set not your affections on this mortal world of dust.” -Bahá’u’lláh , The Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah

Sarah is Egyptian and currently lives in London, U.K. She says, “A photographer?! Never thought about it…. Suddenly I found myself carrying my camera and shooting photos till I become graduated from photography department, my Secret is Nikon. One of quotes I like ‘photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world’ by Bruno Barbey.” Her website is here.