Why Nineteen Months?

The Site:

Nineteen Months values photography and writing that draws its inspiration from the Baha’i calendar. Our artistic images and practical ideas for living a Baha’i life come from a far-flung group of contributors, with different viewpoints and aptitudes. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, get in touch using the contact form below.

Inspired by an annual month-long project called Nineteen Days, this site was founded in 2010 as a photography blog with images that reflect the essence of the name of each Baha’i month. Nineteen Months has grown since its inception to include articles on a variety of issues that Baha’is confront throughout the year.

The Calendar:

Also called the Badi‘ calendar, the Baha’i calendar has 19 months with 19 days each. The months are named after the attributes of God, as are the days of the week. There are a few days in the calendar that fall outside the months, called Ayyam-i-ha. Baha’i days are counted from sunset to sunset, therefore observances are calculated locally according to sunset times, starting the night before the Gregorian date.

Feast Days 2018-2019 (174-175 B.E.)
Bahá (Splendour): 21 March, 2018
Jalál (Glory): 9 April, 2018
Jamál (Beauty): 28 April, 2018
Azamat (Grandeur): 17 May, 2018
Nur (Light): 5 June, 2018
Raḥmat (Mercy): 24 June, 2018
Kalimát (Words): 13 July, 2018
Kamál (Perfection): 1 August, 2018
Asmá’ (Names): 20 August, 2018
Izzat (Might): 8 September, 2018
Mashíyyat (Will): 27 September, 2018
Ilm (Knowledge): 16 October, 2018
Qudrat (Power): 4 November, 2018
Qawl (Speech): 23 November, 2018
Masá’il (Questions): 12 December, 2018
Sharaf (Honour): 31 December, 2018

Sulṭán (Sovereignty): 19 January 2019
Mulk (Dominion): 7 February, 2019
Alá’ (Loftiness): 2 March, 2019

The Baha’i calendar includes 11 holy days, most of which are related to the lives of the Central Figures of the religion, the Bab, Baha’u’llah, and ‘Abdu’l-Baha. Other notable times are the month of fasting, and Ayyam-i-Ha.

Holy Days 2018-2019 (174-175 B.E.)
March 21 – Naw-Rúz (New Year)
April 21 – First Day of Ridván
April 29 – Ninth Day of Ridván
May 2 – Twelfth Day of Ridván
May 24 – Declaration of the Báb
May 29 – Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh
July 10 – Martyrdom of the Báb
November 9 – Birth of the Báb
November 10 – Birth of Bahá’u’lláh
November 26 – Day of the Covenant
November 28 – Ascension of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

February 26 to March 1 – Ayyám-i-Há
March 2 to March 20 – Month of Fasting


The views expressed at Nineteen Months belong to our contributors and are personal reflections of faith.

To form your own understanding of the Baha’i Faith, always refer to the Baha’i holy writings. Also, check out an authoritative Baha’i website such as:


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