A Fast Word: The Morning Dance

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Editor’s note: During the month of ‘Ala’ a handful of writers collaborate to share one work for each day of the Fast.


The Morning Dance

The hour before daylight: when the
world is rising for an early shift, rushing
for the first train, raging at the snooze
button, spooning, bowls of cereal; I

I dance through my door and across the
hallway. I clock a partner.

We begin our routine: one-two-three,
behind-side-front, traverse the space,
change places.

Timing is important—if you don’t dance
in time with the music, the performance
is painful; if you don’t dance in sync
with the other dancer(s), the beauty is

Now I’m standing stage left: my dance
partner is stage right. Colours are
whirling in a way that can only be
healthy: the purple of frozen
blueberries, an avocado green, a flash of
carrot orange, spin into oneness.

Intense energy is required for 6 counts.
I step backwards like a cat—pas de chat
—and my partner side-steps to fill my
place, and more colours whirl.

The 6 counts are up and we break into a
running step, making sure to keep in
time. If the timing is wrong, the dance is
off—like a hard-boiled egg that you
wanted to be soft.

But the timing was right, the dance is
done, and the sun is rising.

– Layli Foroudi

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