A Fast Word: The Days

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Editor’s note: During the month of ‘Ala’ a handful of writers collaborate to share one work for each day of the Fast.

The Days

The sun
cares nothing for the days
we have constructed for ourselves
out of time and words, speeches and stamps,
our lives, our machines,

and our hubris.
A basketwork of gears
approximating regularity; you see how proud
we are of what we have created!

Yet for so little.

For only this: to quantify the sun, which circles, breaks
the systems into which we have poured our tiny human moments,
one by one. The sun sweeps past, teaching a greater pattern
to those who would learn it. We had thought
to be united in our creation,
but the greater pattern laughs, tells us
for this you must lift your arms to the sunrise,
each soul reflecting light
as it comes.

– Kat Mayerovitch

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