Shrine of the Bab

Reflecting on The Martyrdom of the Báb

A group of Baha’i friends and I once stuck 750 red pins into a board. One by one and meticulously we pushed them into foam core, making sure to arrange them into three neat rows. As we stood back to look at our work, more than one of us had tears in our eyes. “There’s so many of them,” someone remarked.

Adib Amini ©

Mercy (Rahmat) 2014

There is a wide selection of photos from around the world for the month of Mercy!

Baha'i mindfulness

5 Ways to be Meditative Without Really “Meditating”

Meditation is said to be the key to “opening the doors of mysteries,” and it has some pretty interesting physiological effects. There’s no one way to meditate, but for those of short attention span, here are 5 ideas.

Paul Aziz Netherwood ©

The Declaration of the Báb—and Spiritual Renewal

In many ways, though it is not the beginning of the Baha’i year, nor is it the “King of Festivals,” the Declaration of the Báb is a beginning of sorts. The Báb created the Badi’ calendar, after all, and his Revelation opened the door to what we now regard as Baha’i history.

Sun Tzu statue

The Art of War in Everyday Life

War, what is it good for? Don’t say absolutely nothing. There’s a lot that can be learned from studying the different philosophies, strategies, and tactics involved in warfare to help you win in the game of life.