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Happy Naw-Ruz: A Year of Change

In the coming year, you can continue to expect more inspiring photography from our international team of collaborators and quotes for contemplation. But we know living a Baha’i life isn’t just about reflection—we have to act, too! See what’s in store for the new year….

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Feeling Grouchy? Try This Recipe for a Metaphysical Liver Cleanse.

Emotional states have a strong effect on physical health and well-being, and your liver—the poison filter of the body—might be getting a little bogged down with all your grump. If you’ve got a perpetual case of the Mondays or you’re indulging in a little bit too much Facebook Schadenfreude, if might be time for a metaphysical liver cleanse.

Photo courtesy of Amelia Tyson

5 Ideas for a Healthy Baha’i Fast

We all know that the Baha’i Fast is a very spiritual time. But the Fast can also pose some practical questions. We spoke to Dr. David Letzer to get some ideas for how to physically prepare for fasting.